Practice Areas

Real Estate

Neighbor Problems & Disputes

  • Boundary lines, fences, retaining walls, gate and alley access, trees, views, encroachments, easements, noise and nuisance issues,, , and construction projects.
  • Neighbor agreements, including for boundary line disputes, encroachments, easements, landscaping, gates and alleys, fences, retaining walls, views and tree maintenance.

HOA & Member Disputes

  • Represent HOAs through their boards and members in disputes about alleged CC&R violations, Davis-Stirling issues, noise and nuisance issues, repairs, maintenance, short-term rentals, parking, common areas, and other issues related to CC&Rs and house rules.
  • Resolve HOA disputes about noise, common areas, repairs, maintenance or parking.

Buyer & Seller Disputes

  • Defend and prosecute claims regarding non-disclosure and misrepresentation, including arising from repairs, water leaks, permit and code issues, improvements, foundation, structural and soil issues, easements, bad neighbors, prior litigation, sewers, shared maintenance obligations, HOA maintenance and repairs, assessments and use rights.
  • Pre-litigation claims and mediation demands to sellers regarding disclosures and representations, including for past litigation, neighbor issues, reports, water leaks, repairs, improvements, permit and code compliance issues, and occupancy or use issues.
  • Represents buyers, sellers, developers and property managers in real estate matters arising from commercial and multi-unit residential income properties, including repairs, improvements, leases, tenants, metering, billboards, first refusal clauses and options.


Real Estate Matters

  • Neighbor problems and disputes related to boundary lines, fences, retaining walls, gate and alley issues, views, noise, trees, easements, encroachments and construction.
  • HOA boards and members in disputes about alleged CC&R violations, Davis-Stirling issues, noise, repairs, shared maintenance obligations, short-term rentals, parking, common areas, use and other issues related to CC&Rs and house rules.
  • Buyer and seller disputes related to misrepresentation and nondisclosure claims, including those arising from encroachments, neighbor or nuisance issues, water leaks, repairs, permit and code issues, past lawsuits, structural conditions and soil issues.

Business & Contract Disputes

  • Mediate and litigate claims arising from relationships or agreements related to business partners, LLC ventures, vendors, clients, independent contractors and shareholders.
  • Seek to resolve and litigate business tax and license fee issues against cities and counties.

Personal Injury Claims, Consultations & Referrals

  • Provide consultations and prosecute or defend personal injury claims, including those arising from sports, transportation, premises liability, and professional liability.
  • Sports and training activities, slip and falls, and bicycle and scooter accidents.

General Counsel Services

Real Estate Broker Practice

  • Counsel brokers and agents regarding pre-litigation claims, purchase and sale transactions, leasing transactions, listing agreements, disclosures, forms and advisories, fiduciary duty and standard of care issues, and BRE compliance issues.
  • BRE inquiries, accusations and audits; HUD and DFEH complaints; and EEOC hearings.
  • Seek to resolve and litigate commission and referral fee disputes.

Contracts & Commercial Leasing

  • Advise clients on, and draft, and negotiate contracts, including agreements with vendors or clients, employment or IC agreements, NDAs and confidentiality agreements.
  • Counsel clients on leases and draft and negotiate office and commercial leases.

Pre-Litigation Claims & Compliance Issues

  • Manage and work to resolve claims prior to them ripening to lawsuits.
  • Advise clients on legal compliance issues and practices related to risk mitigation.
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