Practice Areas

Real Estate

Neighbor & HOA Problems

  • Construction projects, boundary lines, encroachments, easements, trees, views, fences, retaining walls, noise, barking dogs or other nuisance issues, and gate and alley access.
  • Neighbor agreements, including for construction shoring, boundary line disputes, encroachments, easements, landscaping, gates and alleys, views and tree maintenance.
  • Represent HOAs and members in disputes about enforcing CC&Rs or house rules, Davis-Stirling issues, noise, nuisances, repairs, maintenance, short-term rentals, and parking.

Buyer & Seller Disputes

  • Mediation demand letters, mediations and claims arising from alleged non-disclosure and misrepresentations, including neighbor issues, water leaks, repairs, improvements, permit and code issues, structural and soil issues, and occupancy or use issues.

Construction Projects

  • Disputes between homeowners and contractors, defect and warranty issues, building permit and planning department issues, and administrative hearings and appeals.


Real Estate Matters

  • Neighbor problems related to construction projects, boundary lines, encroachments, easements, title issues, trees, views, fences, walls, noise, barking dogs or other nuisance.
  • HOAs and/or members in disputes about enforcing CC&Rs or house rules, Davis-Stirling issues, noise, repairs, maintenance obligations, short-term rentals, and parking.
  • Claims between buyers and sellers regarding alleged non-disclosure and misrepresentation, including repairs, water leaks, permit and code issues, soil issues, easements, bad neighbors, prior litigation, and occupancy and use rights.

Business & Contract Disputes

  • Mediate and litigate claims for business owners arising from relationships or agreements between partners, vendors, clients, employees (including wage claims), and independent contractors.
  • Negotiate and litigate business tax and license fee issues against cities and counties.

Personal Injury Claims, Consultations & Referrals

  • Provide consultations, referrals and/or litigate personal injury claims arising from sports and training activities, slip and falls, and car, bicycle and scooter accidents.

Transactional & Business Services

Real Estate Transactions

  • Purchase & Sale. Advise on purchase and sale transactions for multi-unit residential, commercial, office, farm and ranch properties, including land use, right of first refusal, and option contracts, conservation easements, and historic property investigations.
  • Leasing. Advice on office and commercial leases for landlords or tenants, improvements, repair and maintenance obligations, ADA issues, and use and occupancy issues.

Neighbor Agreements

  • Agreements related to construction projects including shoring and access, lot line adjustments, easements or licenses, encroachments, boundary lines, tree and landscaping maintenance, views, noise or other nuisance issues, and gate and alley access.

Real Estate Laws & Compliance

  • Brokers & Agents. Counsel on transactions, listing and salesperson agreements, disclosures, agency forms and advisories, standard of care and fiduciary duty issues, E&O issues, and DRE compliance, audits, inquiries and accusations.
  • Landlords & Property Managers. Counsel on leasing commercial and multi-unit residential income properties, including state and local compliance issues, tenant problems, ADA issues, and requirements for pool use, bedbugs, smoke alarms, and metering utilities.
  • Business Owners. Standardize agreements to use with vendors, clients, employees or independent contractors, and agreements related to IP, non-disclosure and confidentiality.